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Innovative Psychiatric Research and Methods (IPRAM)
Department of Psychiatry
4560 Clayton Ave., Suite 1000
St. Louis, MO 63110
(314) 286-2282

Dr. Rumi Kato Price

            About IPRAM...

Building upon our belief that our services to people we study should not have disciplinary boundaries, the Innovative Psychiatric Research and Methods (IPRAM) group strives to integrate existing research paradigms and methodologies to answer questions that are otherwise more difficult to answer; and are likely to improve well-being of individuals who suffer from psychiatric or substance use problems.

The current topics include:

  • Assessing the effectiveness of the Department of Defense's Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program to reintegrate, restore, and enhance the psychological health of Missouri National Guard members and their families (FAMPAC)
  • Integrating analytical techniques invented in engineering and neuroscience to improve prediction of psychiatric and substance use disorders
    (funded by the Longer Life Foundation)
  • Using an approach of "indigenous" cultural framework (emíc) of everyday spoken language to elucidate factors that protect people from having suicidal episodes. (Follow up of Vietnam Veterans at Risk of Suicide)
  • Applying the principles of evolutionary molecular genetics to integrate biological differences in race/ethnicity into studies of minority health disparity focusing on substance use and psychiatric disorder comorbidity (Disentangling Substance use and psychiatric comorbidty)
  • Applying analytical techniques advanced in molecular genetic diversity research to examine individual history of psychiatric and substance use pathways (PTSD and Substance Abuse Comorbidity)
  • Applying estimation models advanced in epidemiology for genetic linkage/association studies.

Our group is also actively envolved in training future researchers through the NIDA T32 Training Program and Master of Population Health Sciences, psychiatric and behavioral health sciences concentration.

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